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Gloxygen Dental Care promo of 30% - 50% on all dental trestments is still on , kindly visit while offer lasts , consultation is free , please call us on 07035918976 for more information.


Courtesy the just concluded " world oral health day " , Gloxygen Dental Care presents 30% - 50% discount on all dental treatments , kindly call 07035918976 ASAP to book your appointment while offer lasts !
Teeth Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing ) #8,000
Teeth Whitening #30,000 above
Teeth Fill...

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Special teeth whitening promo for the first 100 % who calls(07035918976) to book their appointment , offer valid till 5th of April 2019.
Early bird discount: #25,000
Late discount : #30,000
Actual price ( after offer expires ) : #60,000

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Dental Treatment Promo , HAPPY WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY!!!


Teeth Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing ) #8,000
Teeth Whitening #30,000 above .
Teeth Fillings #8,000
Dentures #10,000
Crowns #50,000
Bridges #50,000 per unit
Tooth Removal (Extraction )#8,000
Mouth Odour Treatment #15,000
Pulpotomy /Pulpectomy (Milk Teeth Treatment )#20,000 - #25,000

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Gloxygen Dental Care promo of 30% - 50% discount on all dental treatments is still on , kindly call on 07035918976 to book your appointment or visit while promo lasts.
To this end , I wish you all a wonderful " WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY ".

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Gloxygen Dental Care promo of 30% - 50% on all dental trestments is still on , kindly visit while offer lasts , consultation is free , please call us on 07035918976 for more information.


Gloxygen dental care provides world class dental solutions to all your dental needs , within the shortest possible time , and convenient app

  • Scaling $ Polishing (Dental Cleaning )

    NGN 8,000.00
    Scaling and Polishing is the professional cleaning of your mouth by the dentist which rids your mouth of extrinsic stains and calculus (calcified food deposits ) which discours your teeth , cause mouth odour , shaky teeth and unhealthy , bleeding , sore gums , thereby rendering your teeth/mouth shiny , fresh and healthy.It aids in preventing tooth decay which advances to tooth pain , unhealthy gums , mouth odour etcIt is recommended to be done every 6 months for a healthy disease free teeth / mouth
  • Teeth Whitening

    NGN 30,000.00
    Teeth Whitening helps to remove intrinsic stains from the teeth, it takes your teeth's colour from what it is to an higher shade . Recommended for those who want a whiter teeth or dissatisfied with their teeth colour.
  • Teeth Replacement

    NGN 10,000.00
    Teeth Replacements aim at replacing missing teeth lost from the mouth either by way of trauma and / or extraction , congenitally or by any other means .They help to restore the function of the missing teeth (eating , smiling , speech , esthetics , face shape maintainance ) and restore self esteem.There are different types of teeth replacement options depending on your budget.They include : dentures , bridges (multiple joint crowns) and implants. Our Promo prices are : Dentures :#10,000 - 15,000 , Bridges:#50,000 per unit , Dental Implants:#350,000 above

Teeth Fillings

  • Teeth Fillings

    NGN 8,000.00
    Teeth fillings are used to fill tooth cavities /decay that has not progressed to severe pain
  • Tooth Restoration

    NGN 10,000.00
    This aims at restoration a fractured tooth to its initial normal shape
  • Mouth Odour Treatment

    NGN 10,000.00
    This treatment helps oral malodour to resolve and helps to restore fresh breath
  • Root Canal Treatment

    NGN 25,000.00
    This aims at saving /treating a severely painful infected tooth instead of removal /extraction of the tooth.
  • Tooth Extraction

    NGN 8,000.00
    This is the removal of infected / decayed painful tooth
  • Surgical Extraction

    NGN 30,000.00
    This is the removal of painful impacted (not well positioned ) lower third molars .
  • Crowns

    NGN 50,000.00
    This is used to restore the shape , strength , esthetics of a severely fractured tooth or weak tooth
  • Bridge

    NGN 150,000.00
    Fixed , non removable , comfortable and durable tooth replacement
  • Pulpotomy

    NGN 20,000.00
    Children milk tooth treatment instead of removing it
  • Fluoride thearapy

    NGN 7,000.00
    To make teeth more resistant to decay
  • Desensitisation

    NGN 7,000.00
    To resolve shocking sensations for a susceptible tooth
  • Pit and fissue sealing

    NGN 8,000.00
    To make susceptible tooth more resistant to cavitation and decay
  • Temporary /Children Crown

    NGN 25,000.00
    To strengthen weak tooth and restore structure and function
  • Teeth Whitening Kit

    NGN 5,000.00
    For personal teeth whitening at home /office
  • Recementation

    NGN 8,000.00
    To recement a dislodge crown
  • Temporary Filling

    NGN 6,000.00
    To observe and try to resolve mild to moderate tooth infection keeping in view root canal treatment /extraction of the painful tooth
  • Apicectomy

    NGN 50,000.00
    A surgical resolution of an advanced apical tooth infection in conjunction with root canal treatment
  • Operculectomy

    NGN 10,000.00
    To surgically remove an overgrown , inflamed, painful operculum keeping in view surgical extraction of the impacted tooth.
  • Jaw Wiring

    NGN 25,000.00
    To encourage weight loss
  • Braces

    NGN 500,000.00
    To rearrange malarranged teeth
  • Dental Implant

    NGN 400,000.00
    Surgical and most natural and esthetic form of tooth replacement
  • Invisalign

    NGN 1,250,000.00
    A more comfortable way of rearranging malarranged teeth , an alternative to routine braces
  • Gum Treatment

    NGN 5,000.00
    To treat infected painful teeth of periodontal etiology
  • Teeth Splinting

    NGN 15,000.00
    To stabilise shaky tooth so as to become firm
  • Complete Denture

    NGN 90,000.00
    To replace massively missing teeth for a (almost) completely edentulous patient
  • Flexible Denture

    NGN 35,000.00
    More comfortable than rigid denture teeth replaments


7 months ago
Beautiful experience, I'm glad I met you guys, I chew better now or I should say perfectly well now!!!!
- Enwereuzo E
6 months ago
Great dental experience, my painful tooth was treated at affordable price. Now eat Wit my tooth and sleep well
- Hassan I
7 months ago
- Hannah D

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